12 November 2015 | News

Conduite Gabiet – Gressoney (AO)

During 2015 Edilmac focused both on works relating to the project to replace the forced duct serving the hydroelectric plant in Gressoney La Trinite’ (AO). The new duct will be created on an alternative system in relation to the existing one, affected by stability issues associated with the geology of the land and a gross head of 731.50 metres (from 2350 to 1618.5). Namely, Edilmac is making 2 shafts where it will place the new pipe: the first one will measure 135 metres, have an inclination of 30.8° and a diameter of 1.84; the second will measure 112 metres, have an inclination of 41.8° and a diameter of 2.44. The greatest issue of the project is definitely the difficult position upstream of the Raise Borier RBM 73 equipment. After being disassembled in the downstream station, it was carried with a cableway up to 2350 metres of the upper station, where it was quickly reassembled.

As specified in the contract, Edilmac will complete the works before the beginning of the winter season.