10 June 2014 | News

Edilmac: new technologies at customer service

Edilmac has developed a new gantry crane for well operations as part of the further development and optimisation of its equipment.DEAL, based in Udine, designed the new device, called “G18-CG 30/15”, for the excavation of a surge shaft at the Ulu Jelai hydroelectric plant in Malaysia. For the project acquired by Salini, Edilmac built a bridge crane with a 15 metre gauge able to reach a depth of 500 m and to transport personnel and equipment used for the excavation work. The G18 can be installed in various configurations with a gauge of between 9 and 15 m and at a height of between 11.70 and 15 m. It comprises a gantry structure with two box girders, beams for self-propelling on tracks, and four electric winches to move the platform in the well for transporting up to 30 tons of drilling equipment and a cabin with a capacity for 5.0 tons for service personnel; the total weight exceeds 130 tons.

This machine forms part of the fleet used by Edilmac for shaft sinking work and increases both load capacity and efficiency. Thanks to its various configurations, the G18 can also meet the customers’ many technical and logistical requirements.