14 November 2019 | News


On October 12th, 2019 Edilmac held a training meeting where all employees were present to address the topic of safety and environmental protection in the sites where it operates.

The day was divided into two different phases: theoretical in the morning and practical in the afternoon.

The participants were divided into groups which, in alternating phases, delved into the fundamental points which comprise the complex theme of safety.

In the theoretical phase, the various groups participated in classroom meetings where videos were projected in which the following topics were examined: risk assessment and the concept of danger, using personal protection equipment, rules of conduct in the workplace and the implementation of the integrated management system at the sites, and lastly, waste and hazardous substances management.

Time spent in the classroom oriented around open discussion, giving everyone the opportunity to intervene, bring up the issues of each individual site and share the various experiences.

In the practical phase, various emergency situations were simulated, from a fire and rescuing an operator in confined spaces or at altitude, to managing chemical spills and a competition in which errors had to be found in a series of photographs taken at Edilmac sites and others.

Once more, Edilmac has proven to be extremely sensitive to the 2 fundamental principles of working on surface and underground works: global safety and environmental protection.

A green note of interest: no plastic products were used during lunch and the coffee break.