05 September 2011 | News


Laives tunnel s.c.r.l. (a consortium formed by Edilmac, Oberosler, Wipptaler, Rottensteiner, Gasser, Klapfer, P.A.C. and Fondazioni Speciali), has undertaken the works contracted out by the Province of Bolzano for the new road tunnel of SS12 in Laives, Province of Bolzano.

With regard to the works assigned to the consortium member Oberosler, in 2011, Edilmac constructed a vertical shaft measuring 280 m in length and 4.74 m in diameter, which crossed porphyry formations that are particularly difficult from a geological aspect, facing man and machinery with a harsh challenge. The works were carried out in two separate phases for logistical management reasons between several sites: the pilot hole with an RBM Robbins 83, whereas the bore with the new RBM Herrenknecht 550VF. The shaft was then secured and coated by means of a bridge crane with separate winches for the transport platform of equipment and material, and a lift to transport staff.

Despite the difficulties, our team achieved yet another success thanks to professionalism, willpower and the latest technology.