01 February 2016 | News

Los Cóndores – Chile

In the first months of 2016, Edilmac took part in the works for the project to build the “Los Cóndores” hydroelectric power plant in Chile’s Mau region, some 350 km away from the capital, Santiago, in the Andes. The plant will use the water coming from the Laguna del Maule lake and create a structure that will generate 150 MW. The project also involved, among other things, the construction of a 12km-long adduction tunnel, a large closed area for the various instruments of the power plant and a 470m-long armoured pressure tunnel. The project will be completed by 2018.
Namely, Edilmac is working on excavating 2 shafts with raise boring equipment. The first pressure shaft will reach a considerable depth, 770 metres and a 4.30 diameter, while the second one is a 300-metre piezometric shaft. The great challenges of the works certainly lie in the length of the shafts and, above all, in the logistics, which always require helicopters, often cancelled or delayed due to adverse weather conditions, to transport the equipment and all the operators up to about 2300 metres.
We’ll be able to complete the works by the set deadline thanks to the professional approach and expertise of our specialised team.