26 September 2014 | News

Ulu Jelai – Malaysia hydroelectric project

The project is located in Malaysia, about 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur in Pahang State. The main component is the construction of the Susu dam on the Bertam river, over 80 m high and entirely built using advanced RCC technology (roller-compacted concrete). In addition to the dam, the project foresees the construction of an underground power station, which will house two 191 MW Francis turbines, and the creation of approximately 26 km of water tunnels, about 15 km of which will be excavated via TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine). The system will have an installed power of 382 MW.

Edilmac is participating in the construction of a hydroelectric power station in Malaysia. Since November 2013, our staff have been involved in building 2 vertical wells, 17 metres in length and 1.84 metres in diameter; a subsequent 337 metre piezometric well of the same diameter using Raise Boring technology and its later enlargement and safety implementation with an initial diameter of 6.50 metres up to 16.50 metres.

To solve the issues related to the large and varied enlargement diameters and safety implementation, Edilmac is using a new “G18 CG 30/15” gantry crane. The crane was specifically built for this project and will be very useful in the future as it adapts to the widest range of technical requirements at every single construction site.

Edilmac, a synonym for quality and safety, has once again confirmed itself as a leader in excavation work with Raise Boring technology and in the well enlargement field.