25 May 2011 | News

Proyecto Hydro Elèctrico Palomino

EDILMAC, is participating in the implementation of the Proyecto Hydro Electrico Palomino, located in the San Juan in the Dominican Republic, on behalf of EGEHID (Empresa de Generacion Hidroeletrica Dominican), as sub contractor of the Brazilian multinational Norberto Odebrecht that awarded the whole project. The project involves the construction of a dam at the confluence of Blanco and Yaque del Sur rivers and a 13.5 km tunnel able to bring water to an underground power station, which by means of two hydraulic turbines with an installed capacity of 80 MW, will generate 183,7 GW per year, with earnings estimated at $ 45 million every twelve months and a reduction of CO2 emissions approximately of 122,000 tons per year.

The project has received important recognition (world record) to have made 10 million work hours without an injury that led to the loss of working hours.

EDILMAC, is carrying out the excavation of the penstock and surge shaft, of 356 meters long and with diameters ranging from 11.10 to 4.50 meters by the method of “Shaft Sinking”. In addition, three drill rigs are working for the drilling of the holes for anchor bolts in the dam shoulder with lengths ranging from 3 meters to 22 meters in part with lining.