04 December 2011 | News

Santa Barbara 2011

Every year on the occasion of Saint Barbara’s day, the patron saint of miners, the Maccabelli brothers and Edilmac’s employers come together to pray. «Ours is a tough job – says Mario Maccabelli – where hazards are always around the corner, despite all the precautions one takes. Having extra protection from up there is always a good thing and this is why we are devoted to Saint Barbara and over the past year we decided to place a statue that also can be seen from the road passing near our building site. It’s something we had been thinking about for years and we finally managed to maintain a promise and a moral commitment taken a long time ago».

Workers, managers and guests came together at Edilmac’s head office in Gorle for Saint Barbara’s day and attended the mass celebrated by Father Franco, the priest of Gorle. This was followed by a banquet during which Cesare Maccabelli handed out awards to employees for their many years of loyalty towards the company. A special recognition was given to Engineer Adriano Facchinetti for working for over thirty-five years in the firm, to employees Carlo Parigi and Ermanno Capelli for reaching thirty years of work and finally to Gianantonio Bonzi, Diego Valle, Marchetti Emanuele and Daha Youssef for their twentieth year with the company.