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Raise Boring

With the range of “Raise Boring” equipment that Edilmac has at its disposal, it is able to position itself at the very forefront of the international market, thanks to the quality of its service and the quick execution of shafts in rock, raises and penstocks.

Drilling downward and reaming upward can be achieved excellent precision, high production rate and top safety.

The Raise Boring organisation has been operating since 1976 and is in constant evolution, it is able to produce vertical, inclined or subhorizontal shafts, in complete safety.

The qualified operator can coordinate the works from the control cab without risking his own safety.

To protect its personnel Edilmac uses special equipment that is designed and certified in accordance with current safety standards.

The advantages that are obtained using “Raise Boring” technology include the perfection of the diameters, the integrity of the walls not disturbed by explosions and the possibility of continuous mucking from the bottom of the shaft during work.

Directional drilling

EDILMAC has applied for the first time a special civil engineering guidance system to the raise boring method to offer a service of directional drilling for inclined shafts.


Raise robots

The Raise Robot is a remotely controlled robotic assembly for the spraying of shotcrete in shaft. The machine is designed for use in raises a minimum of 1,5 m diameter up to 6 m diameter.
Retractable arms stabilize the Raise Robot and allow for undulations along the interior surface of the raise.