01 February 2017 | News

Alto Maipo – Chile

As of the first months of 2017, Edilmac has been busy doing operations on work regarding the Alto Maipo hydroelectric project in Chile. This project comprises the construction of two hydroelectric power plants – Alfalfal and Las Lajas, which should generate 531 mw of power. To produce this energy, part of the waters from the Rio Volcan, Yeso and Colorado rivers will be used and made entirely to merge into the Rio Alto Maipo. More specifically, Edilmac is involved in construction work on the Las Lajas plant (approximately 2 years of work), as subcontracted from the Strabag Spa firm. In particular, our company is furnishing a Raise Borer Machine RBR 400 VF with relative drill rods and support equipment with the use of our qualified personnel.