News | 30 November 2018

Edilmac receives an award from the Bergamo building school for safety on construction sites 2018

On the occasion of the Bergamo Building School 35th anniversary celebrations , which took place on 30 November 2018 at the Seriate headquarters, Edilmac received the award for the most highly trained company in the field of safety and health surveillance in the workplace of the whole province of Bergamo; in fact, in 2018 our […]

News | 01 January 2018

The visit to the Cava Martina di Casazza of the year 5 class of Istituto G. Quarenghi

During the month of January 2018, Edilmac sponsored a visit to the Cava Martina di Casazza (BG) for the year 5 class of the Istituto Tecnico Statale per Geometri G. Quarenghi (Secondary School for Building Surveyors) of Bergamo. The aim of the company is to offer the youngsters of our province the chance to observe […]

News | 09 September 2016

Edilmac Safety Day 2016

On September 9th 2016, Edilmac organised a meeting with all its employees to discuss the various aspects of safety, namely: Personal safety Economic safety Ongoing safety Over the course of the entire day, the employees were divided into 6 groups, who in turn focused on the core elements of the complex issue of safety, i.e. […]

News | 17 June 2015

World tunnel congress 2015 – Dubrovnik

In May 2015, Edilmac took part in the most important annual congress on tunnels and underground structures held in Croatia, in the city of Dubrovnik. In the presence of more than 5,000 visitors, 80 exhibiting companies and 1,500 participants, our company showcased its latest well widening technology. In this specific context, Edilmac presented a report […]

News | 01 February 2015

New Technologies for Edilmac – The Sandvik DE 130 Drill Rig

Over the last few years, Edilmac has focused in particular on updating its equipment and construction site machinery, thus increasing its offer for use in fields such as mining in quarries and tunnels, and for well widening. Some of the most important purchases made in 2015 include the Sandvik DE 130 core drill, now used […]

News | 05 November 2014

Expotunnel 2014 – Bologna

After the success of last year, Edilmac took part in the second edition of ExpoTunnel, Salone delle Tecnologie per il Sottosuolo e delle Grandi Opere (Professional Exhibition of Technology for Underground and Great Works), held in Bologna from 23rd to 25th October, with 5800 professional public visitors, of which 20% were foreigners. A unique exhibition […]

News | 10 June 2014

Edilmac: new technologies at customer service

Edilmac has developed a new gantry crane for well operations as part of the further development and optimisation of its equipment.DEAL, based in Udine, designed the new device, called “G18-CG 30/15”, for the excavation of a surge shaft at the Ulu Jelai hydroelectric plant in Malaysia. For the project acquired by Salini, Edilmac built a […]

News | 17 October 2013

Expotunnel 2013 – Bologna

Edilmac participated as an exhibitor with their own stand, at the first edition of the exhibition dedicated to underground construction and research, held in Bologna, from 17 to 19 October 2013. The event registered approximately 5400 public professional visitors who were able to visit more than 100 stands set up by Italian and foreign exhibitors. […]

News | 04 December 2011

Santa Barbara 2011

Every year on the occasion of Saint Barbara’s day, the patron saint of miners, the Maccabelli brothers and Edilmac’s employers come together to pray. «Ours is a tough job – says Mario Maccabelli – where hazards are always around the corner, despite all the precautions one takes. Having extra protection from up there is always […]

News | 25 November 2011

About us

Click here to view “L’Eco di Bergamo” article on Friday November 25, 2011. Click here to view “L’Eco di Bergamo” article on Friday December 24, 2011.

News | 24 May 2011

Quality and Sustainability

The recent achievement of the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 is the culmination of a process begun three years ago that allowed to Edilmac to achieve a systematic and integrated management of key business factors. This objective is a starting point which confirms the will of Edilmac to pursue a business management for the […]

News | 24 May 2011

Edilmac is on YouTube

For the starting of its YouTube channel ( Edilmac has chosen to begin with the flagship of its technologies, Raise Boring. With the different available “Raise Borer” equipments, Edilmac is at the top of the international market for quality of service and speed of execution in rock of shafts, stoves and penstocks. Proceeding with a […]

News | 24 December 2010

Edilmac, segni scolpiti nella roccia

Commesse in tutto il mondo e mezzi d’avanguardia per la realizzazione di pozzi e gallerie la gestione di cave. Professionalità, puntualità, precisione e impiego di alta tecnologia sono le caratteristiche che negli anni hanno reso la Edilmac dei fratelli Maccabelli srl di Gorle un’azienda leader nel mondo nella realizzazione di pozzi e gallerie, gestione delle […]