31 January 2012 | News

Proyecto Hydro Elèctrico Palomino – end of the shaft excavation works

After months of hard work, Edilmac completed the excavation of the 365-metre long penstock and surge shaft as part of the works for the development of the Proyecto Hydro Elèctrico Palomino in the Dominican Republic. Together with their workers, some of the company’s management, together with management representatives of the subcontractor Norberto Odebrecht, celebrated the end of the works with a celebratory banquet.

Thanks to everyone’s commitment, the objective was achieved with no injuries. Now works continue with the phase involving the creation of the shaft by means of a sliding formwork. Operations are due to be completed by April 2012.
As well as excavation works for the Hydro Elèctrico Palomino shaft, Edilmac conducted various perforations:

  • Consolidation of the left shoulder of the dam
  • Boring on the bottom of the dam for the waterproofing treatment
  • In galleries to position cable-holding and ventilation equipment