01 January 2015 | News

Lift for Valle Faul/Piazza San Lorenzo – Viterbo

In the first few months of 2015, Edilmac took part in excavation work to create a new lift that will connect the Valle Faul area to Piazza San Lorenzo in the Lazio city of Viterbo (subcontracting contract with the Romagna company Trevi S.p.a.).
This new lift will transport tourists from the large train station parking below, allowing them to reach the most important square in the city in just a few seconds, where the San Lorenzo cathedral and the Palazzo dei Papi are located.
Edilmac created 2 vertical lift shafts in tuff, each 8 metres long and with a diameter of 3.13 metres. The particularity of this work was mainly the location, being in the middle of the historic city centre, with the issue of transport vehicles transiting in the narrow streets of the medieval city.