03 February 2015 | News

Gorno Zinc project – Italy

In the first months of 2015, Edilmac will participate in the realization of the “Gorno Zinc Project”, a rehabilitation project of a zinc mine in Gorno, in the region of Lombardia – Italy, closed in 1982. This plan includes the rehabilitation of the access tunnel and historical existing underground mine for 1,70 km as well as excavation of a new decline development 710m long to confirm the scale, and quality of the ore and for the future connection between the levels of the mine.

Our company, will work directly on behalf of the Australian company – Energia Minerals Ltd. The first phase of work will involve to reopening of the access road and bridge and the rehabilitation of the existing underground tunnels. The second phase of work to be carried out will include mechanical continuous core drilling to investigate the ore. Finally a new decline tunnel will be excavated 710m long with the double purpose to realize a connection between existing mine levels and the development of three other diamond drill stations.

Thereafter, if the core drilling program confirms sufficient ore of suitable quality, extraction works and mine development will take place.