References | 01 July 2018

Electrical system in Sant’Antonio – Renon/Bolzano (Italy)

Edimac has been contracted to take part in the project involving the optimisation of the Sant’Antonio electrical system in Soprabolzano in the borough of Renon (BZ), and is building a vertical well 523 metres in length and 3.05 metres in diameter. Edimac is the market leader of the “Raise Boring” method used to perform the […]

References | 01 May 2017

Olympiada mine – Greece

As of May 2017 Edilmac is working on digging ventilation shafts in the Olympias mine located 100 km. east of Thessaloniki in Greece. Digging on the projected 19 shafts will allow an underground ventilation system to be built, necessary for the development of the mine. The Raise Boring Machine 71 RM-DC will be used in […]

References | 01 February 2017

Alto Maipo – Chile

As of the first months of 2017, Edilmac has been busy doing operations on work regarding the Alto Maipo hydroelectric project in Chile. This project comprises the construction of two hydroelectric power plants – Alfalfal and Las Lajas, which should generate 531 mw of power. To produce this energy, part of the waters from the […]

References | 01 February 2016

Los Cóndores – Chile

In the first months of 2016, Edilmac took part in the works for the project to build the “Los Cóndores” hydroelectric power plant in Chile’s Mau region, some 350 km away from the capital, Santiago, in the Andes. The plant will use the water coming from the Laguna del Maule lake and create a structure […]

References | 12 November 2015

Conduite Gabiet – Gressoney (AO)

During 2015 Edilmac focused both on works relating to the project to replace the forced duct serving the hydroelectric plant in Gressoney La Trinite’ (AO). The new duct will be created on an alternative system in relation to the existing one, affected by stability issues associated with the geology of the land and a gross […]

References | 01 September 2015

Rehabilitation of the EDF penstock of Passy – France

In September 2015, Edilmac finished working on a project involving the modernisation of the EDF plant of Passy, in the Upper Savoy region, France. Our company was involved in the process of transferring the penstock from the outside to underground, creating a 190-metre-deep vertical well, with a diameter measuring 3.5 metres. During directional drilling, the […]

References | 03 February 2015

Gorno Zinc project – Italy

In the first months of 2015, Edilmac will participate in the realization of the “Gorno Zinc Project”, a rehabilitation project of a zinc mine in Gorno, in the region of Lombardia – Italy, closed in 1982. This plan includes the rehabilitation of the access tunnel and historical existing underground mine for 1,70 km as well […]

References | 01 January 2015

Lift for Valle Faul/Piazza San Lorenzo – Viterbo

In the first few months of 2015, Edilmac took part in excavation work to create a new lift that will connect the Valle Faul area to Piazza San Lorenzo in the Lazio city of Viterbo (subcontracting contract with the Romagna company Trevi S.p.a.). This new lift will transport tourists from the large train station parking […]

References | 26 September 2014

Ulu Jelai – Malaysia hydroelectric project

The project is located in Malaysia, about 200 km north of Kuala Lumpur in Pahang State. The main component is the construction of the Susu dam on the Bertam river, over 80 m high and entirely built using advanced RCC technology (roller-compacted concrete). In addition to the dam, the project foresees the construction of an […]

References | 09 June 2014

Reforco de potencia de Venda Nova III

Edimac has taken part in the “Reforco de Potencia – Venda Nova III” project in Vieira Do Minho, Portugal. The project includes a new hydroelectric plant that will significantly increase the power of an existing plant and which will begin to produce power in 2015. A dam on the Rio Cavado has so far been […]

References | 23 December 2013

Munich – Verona rail line Brenner base tunnel in Mules

Edilmac took part in the works to build the “Munich – Verona rail line / Brenner base tunnel” in Mules (BZ). Our task was related to constructing a vertical ventilation shaft with “Raise Boring” technology, 47.50 m long and with a 1.84 diameter. Its main feature is the hardness of the rock, called “Bressanone granite”, […]

References | 20 May 2013

Cambambe hydro project

Since the beginning of 2013, Edilmac has participated in the “Projeto de aproveitamento Hidroeléctrico de Cambambe” in Angola. The project (entrusted to the Brazilian company, Constructora Norberto Odebrecth SA) includes the expansion and modernisation of the Cambambe dam on the Kwanza river. The dam was built between 1958 and 1962 and is extremely important since […]

References | 25 March 2013

Les Laures Hydropower, Brissogne (Aosta)

In 2012, the construction of the hydropower plant in Brissogne, near Aosta, was completed. Various companies, including Edilmac, have cooperated in these works, which lasted 6 years. The major difficulty was the vertical well (approx. 580 m in length and 1.32 m in diameter). As always, our company finished the job with flying colours. We […]

References | 01 February 2013

Expansion boring at Colle Pedrino – yet another conquest by Edilmac

In 2012 Edilmac completed works to bore and expand the detritus-conveyor shaft at the quarry in Colle Pedrino (BG), owned by Italcementi S.p.A. The works involved the expansion of an existing shaft with a diameter of 4.00 meters to an elliptical cross section of about 6.00 meters. The difficulties inherent in this undertaking were related […]

References | 23 October 2012

Eisackwerk – Rio Pusteria (BZ)

Within the framework of the construction of the Eisackwerk hydroelectric power plant in Rio Pusteria (Bolzano), Edilmac was in charge of the excavation of vertical wells in order to lodge the penstock pipes. The task involved two parallel vertical wells of significant length (431 metres each) with a distance of only 5 metres from each […]

References | 11 May 2012

Proyecto Hydro Elèctrico Palomino – end of the shaft excavation works

At the end of April Edilmac completed the casting of the shaft by the set deadline by using a sliding formwork and completed its job in the building site in Palomino. Despite the many difficulties associated with the construction of a 365-metre balance and pressure shaft, the company’s know-how, together with the professional approach and […]

References | 31 January 2012

Proyecto Hydro Elèctrico Palomino – end of the shaft excavation works

After months of hard work, Edilmac completed the excavation of the 365-metre long penstock and surge shaft as part of the works for the development of the Proyecto Hydro Elèctrico Palomino in the Dominican Republic. Together with their workers, some of the company’s management, together with management representatives of the subcontractor Norberto Odebrecht, celebrated the […]

References | 14 December 2011

Mont Blanc – Edilmac on the top of Europe

In autumn 2011, Edilmac built a vertical well for its consortium member Cordée Mont Blanc using the “Raise Boring” technology. The well, 77m-deep and with a diameter of 1.84m, is located in Pointe Helbronner on the Mont Blanc massif at about 3500m above sea level. The special feature of this perforation is the height at […]

References | 05 September 2011


Laives tunnel s.c.r.l. (a consortium formed by Edilmac, Oberosler, Wipptaler, Rottensteiner, Gasser, Klapfer, P.A.C. and Fondazioni Speciali), has undertaken the works contracted out by the Province of Bolzano for the new road tunnel of SS12 in Laives, Province of Bolzano. With regard to the works assigned to the consortium member Oberosler, in 2011, Edilmac constructed […]

References | 05 September 2011


During the summer of 2011 EDILMAC realized in Umbria region (central Italy) the ventilation shaft for a tunnel placed in a complex of dams and water ducts for agricultural use. The vertical shaft, 280m long and 2,44m wide, is excavated in well cemented quarz sandstone with diffuse marly lenses. For the fact the shaft has […]

References | 25 May 2011

Proyecto Hydro Elèctrico Palomino

EDILMAC, is participating in the implementation of the Proyecto Hydro Electrico Palomino, located in the San Juan in the Dominican Republic, on behalf of EGEHID (Empresa de Generacion Hidroeletrica Dominican), as sub contractor of the Brazilian multinational Norberto Odebrecht that awarded the whole project. The project involves the construction of a dam at the confluence […]

References | 16 February 2011

Vianden Building site

EDILMAC, between 2010 and 2011, in Vianden (Luxembourg) for the owner SEO (Société Electrique de l’Our) and in subcontract for the association of companies Züblin – Strabag – Jäger realized the vertical pressure shaft excavation for the expansion works of the greatest pumped storage hydroelectric plant in Europe in order to add the eleventh machine […]