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The on-going evolution of the company know how and a sharp attention to the increasing needs and demands of the clients allowed Edilmac to continuously update its own offer portfolio, both in terms of services and solutions.
An engineering team grants the highest safety and ensures the expected result, accomplishing the agreed timing requirements.
Concrete answers to the market needs, throughout experience, global presence and certified service. This is Edilmac.
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References | 01 July 2018

Electrical system in Sant’Sntonio – Renon/Bolzano (Italy)

Edimac has been contracted to take part in the project involving the optimisation of the Sant’Antonio electrical system in Soprabolzano in the borough of Renon (BZ), and is building a vertical well 523 metres in length and 3.05 metres in diameter. Edimac is the market leader of the “Raise Boring” method used to perform the […]

News | 01 January 2018

The visit to the Cava Martina di Casazza of the year 5 class of Istituto G. Quarenghi

During the month of January 2018, Edilmac sponsored a visit to the Cava Martina di Casazza (BG) for the year 5 class of the Istituto Tecnico Statale per Geometri G. Quarenghi (Secondary School for Building Surveyors) of Bergamo. The aim of the company is to offer the youngsters of our province the chance to observe […]

References | 01 May 2017

Olympiada mine – Greece

As of May 2017 Edilmac is working on digging ventilation shafts in the Olympias mine located 100 km. east of Thessaloniki in Greece. Digging on the projected 19 shafts will allow an underground ventilation system to be built, necessary for the development of the mine. The Raise Boring Machine 71 RM-DC will be used in […]

References | 01 February 2017

Alto Maipo – Chile

As of the first months of 2017, Edilmac has been busy doing operations on work regarding the Alto Maipo hydroelectric project in Chile. This project comprises the construction of two hydroelectric power plants – Alfalfal and Las Lajas, which should generate 531 mw of power. To produce this energy, part of the waters from the […]