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The on-going evolution of the company know how and a sharp attention to the increasing needs and demands of the clients allowed Edilmac to continuously update its own offer portfolio, both in terms of services and solutions.
An engineering team grants the highest safety and ensures the expected result, accomplishing the agreed timing requirements.
Concrete answers to the market needs, throughout experience, global presence and certified service. This is Edilmac.
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News, References | 20 September 2021

Jardin Exotique car park project in Monte Carlo

We have successfully completed the construction of the shafts for which we were in charge at the Jardin Exotique car park project in Monte Carlo. The project involved the excavation of a tunnel, currently under construction, and two shafts. The mechanized excavations using RBM technology in limestone material were completed. In particular, we highlight the […]

News | 09 July 2021

IFK – Implenia Frutiger Kerenzerbergtunnel – Vertical shaft

In mid-June we started excavating a new vertical shaft for the company IFK – Implenia Frutiger Kerenzerbergtunnel. The ventilation shaft has a length of approximately 140m and a final diameter of 4.5m. The excavation is carried out by means of Raise Boring technology in medium abrasion limestone. The pilot hole phase with 12″ 7/8 rods […]

News | 07 June 2021

We are hiring

We are looking for NEW OPERATORS to grow our team. We are looking for SHOTCRETE, DRILLING AND CHARGER OPERATORS FOR MINES. To apply you must have experience in these three categories and send your CV to edilmac@edilmac.com

References | 18 November 2019


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